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Best bookmakers for football betting
 Finding the right online bookmaker for your soccer bets is crucial, but many punters fail to realize this. Not all bookies offer the same odds on the football games, on the contrary, it's almost impossible to find the same exact betting odds on a given soccer game at two bookies. The odds are often one of the best tools in the bookmakers' arsenal to attract customers and have no doubt – they are willing to use this tool.  

 Especially when big games come around, such as the Manchester United v Chelsea football derby, the bookmakers are trying their best to offer great odds, while at the same time ensure that they will remain profitable. Of course, if a bookmaker posts 1x2 odds like 5.00 10.00 5.00 a lot of punters would flock to its website to bet on the football game, but the bookie is certain to lose a ton of money and go out of business right after the final whistle.

 So how do one determine which are the best online bookmakers for football bets? In general, there are a few bookies which often offer better odds than the rest. Sometimes this is a small difference such as offering 1.30 on the favourite team to win the game, while most of the other sportsbooks offer only 1.20, but with a /€1,000 bet this results in /€100 in extra winnings, compared to the others. And for those betting the soccer parlays, the potential winnings are even greater. In addition, the best bookmakers for football betting will also offer special bonuses on the big soccer games, cashback and many other promotions.

 So which are the best bookmakers for football betting? We recommend the following three bookies as the best of the best – Bet 365 (official website), Unibet (official website) and Betsson (official website). Each one of them will offer different odds on the football games, although Bet365 is well known for guaranteeing the best odds on the most watched football clashes. Our recommendation is to have an account with all three of them and compare the odds on the individual soccer games to see which one offers the best line. After all, when we preview the EPL games we compare the odds among them for that same reason – giving the football punter the best edge when placing their soccer bets.
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