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English Premier League Bets and Odds
 The English Premier League soccer games are without a doubt the most popular games among the bettors and punters would be glad to learn that they can find the best odds on those games right here. Powered by the online bookmaker Bet365, the bookie often guarantees to have the best Premiership games odds and one should take advantage to maximize the wager return. Bet with confidence knowing that you have secured the best odds on your English Premier League bet. Below you will find our latest previews of the soccer games in the English Premier League, including analysis of the most popular matches, good bets to consider and, of course, the latest odds by the online bookmakers.


England Premier League Game Previews (current fixtures)

Arsenal v Tottenham Reading v Everton  
West Brom v Chelsea Fulham v Sunderland  



Barclays Premier League : Table (valid until November 17th 2012)

  Man Utd 11 13 27
  Chelsea 10 12 23
  Man City 10 9 22
  Everton 11 7 20
  West Brom 11 5 20
  Tottenham 10 3 17
  Arsenal 11 7 16
  Fulham 11 5 16
  West Ham 10 2 15
  Newcastle 10 -2 14
  Swansea 11 1 13
  Stoke 11 -1 12
  Liverpool 10 -2 11
  Wigan 11 -6 11
  Norwich 11 -10 11
  Sunderland 10 -4 9
  Aston Villa 11 -7 9
  Reading  10 -6 6
  Southampton 11 -14 5
  QPR  11 -12 4




England Premier League Game Previews (archives)

Manchester United v Arsenal Norwich v Stoke City Fulham v Everton
Sunderland v Aston Villa Swansea v Chelsea Tottenham v Wigan
West Ham v Manchester City Liverpool v Newcastle QPR v Reading
West Brom v Southampton    
        EPL Archive


Due to bookmaker's limitations, this is the only way we can present you with the latest Barclays Premier League betting odds. Some of the most popular games have the guarantee of top coefficients, check with the bookie for more details.

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