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Do soccer tipster services really work?
 We often get asked this question - do soccer tipster services, soccer picks and similar services really work? A lot of people new to soccer betting try to win as much as possible right away and due to the fact that they may not be as knowledgeable about the different football teams, players coaches, etc, they consider employing the services of soccer tipsters, some of them even pay for such services rendered.


 Many others who consider these kind of soccer predictions don't really know if they are getting the real thing or simply being tricked into paying for something of no real value. We take the stance that first one should always be able to do what they please with their hard earned money, let's make that clear. If someone wants to pay soccer tipsters to make the picks for them, surely they have every right to do so. But our own opinion is that there is really no need to pay for soccer tipster services, since you can get them for free.


 That's correct, you already have an access to free soccer tipsters and they are caller the bookmakers' odds. The bookies spend a lot of money to employ the services of people who live soccer (and other sports), know every team in and out, keep track of all transfers, conditions of players and even the current relationship between a player and the coach, all factors that could influence the outcome of a football game. And unlike the individual punter, the money riding on those "soccer tipsters", i.e. the odds makers, are much, much larger. Therefore the margin of error is required to be much smaller.


 Of course, upsets are part of the game and what makes the soccer games and competitions interesting. But the chance of a proclaimed soccer tipster of predicting an upset is equal to you predicting this upset yourself. The heavy work has already been done by the odds makers employed by the bookies and they have given you the really professional soccer tipster service - the betting odds. So next time you consider paying for soccer tips and picks, simply head to your favourtie bookmaker and se what the real pros thing about the soccer game outcome and use the money you'd spend on a tipster service to place your wager.

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