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Total Goals Bet: A soccer betting guide to over under bets
 Today we will look at another popular betting market on the soccer games, the total goals bet, also known as the over under bets. While intimidating for many new punters, the betting markets offered by the online bookmakers on each individual soccer game are a great way to increase the return on your bankroll with the bookies. Don't limit yourself to just the fixed odds bets on the winner of the game or draws, but dig deeper to find some extra bets that will go along with that soccer match, as well.



 Here we will show you how the total goals bet works, which is a perfect example of how easily you can get some winning bets from your match of choice. Keep in mind that even though this wager is often referred to as "total goals", it's in fact an over-under bet on the total of the final score. What do we mean by "total goals"? As the name itself suggests, is the combined score of both teams after the game ends. For example, if a soccer game finishes with a 3-2 score, the total will be 5, i.e. 3+2=5 goals total scored in this soccer match.


 That said, when you place a total goals bet, one bets not on the exact total, but on whether the total will fall under or over a number. predetermined by the bookmaker. For example, the bookmaker may have a soccer game Arsenal vs. West Brom and the total goals bet could be something like "Over +2.5" and "Under 2.50" and for each of the two options - betting odds are posted. In this case the bettor must place a wager on whether the total goals will end up being over 2.5 (for example, Arsenal beating West Brom 2-1, 2+1=3 and 3>2.50) or under 2.5 (the said game finished with a score of 1-1, 1+1=2 and 2<2.50). As you can see, it's very easy to place a total goals bet on the soccer games.


 One special case will be if the bookmaker posted an over/under as a whole number, for example "under 2" and "over 2", in which case the game could actually end up with a 1-1 draw which is neither over nor under the 2 goals posted by the bookie for this betting market. In this case the wager is a "push" and the bookmaker simply refunds you the original amount of the wager. 

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